Individual Psychotherapy


A one-to-one clinical counselling process (between client and psychotherapist) in which the client works through their psycho-social and emotional issues in a safe and caring environment. Compared to couples or family psychotherapy in which the focus is on multiple individuals and the relationships between them, individual therapy is focused on maximizing individual potential and personal growth. During the course of individual therapy at UPWARD, the client will explore their feelings, behaviours, thoughts, traumas and memories; identify factors contributing to and exacerbating their problems, come-up with and process potential solutions, set goals and make changes in important areas of their lives. Individual therapy with pre-teens and teenagers usually involves a focus on issues inherent to adolescence, including identity exploration (e.g. “who do I want to be?”), working toward personal goals, navigating peer pressure, puberty issues, and more. UPWARD serves clients as young as age 10 through geriatric age (65+).

Online and Over-the-Phone Individual Psychotherapy

Currently, UPWARD only offers remote individual counselling options, including both online (via Zoom for Healthcare) and over the phone. Based on UPWARD’s five-year experience with remote counselling, remote sessions are typically just as effective as in-person counselling. To conduct online individual counselling sessions successfully,  the client will need to have access to a device with a microphone, camera, and stable internet connection as well as a space that ensures privacy during sessions. For over-the-phone sessions, kindly note that the therapist will contact the client via a blocked number for confidentiality and privacy reasons. To conduct over-the-phone sessions successfully, the client will need access to a phone with good and stable reception. If you have the aforementioned at your disposal and believe that remote individual counselling can work for you, feel free to contact us via call, text, WhatsApp (preferable) or e-mail to schedule an appointment or get more information.

For more information on service costs, feel free to check out UPWARD’s service catalogue via this link

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