With a vision to provide quality mental healthcare and support mental health advocacy initiatives throughout Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean, UPWARD Counselling and Psychological Services was born. Founded by Reycine Mc Kenzie, MSc., Clinical Psychotherapist, UPWARD provides compassionate counselling for individuals across the lifespan and for an array of psychosocial issues, including:

  • Trauma – such as physical and sexual abuse and neglect
  • Domestic violence and domestic disputes
  • Behavioural and conduct problems, particularly with adolescents
  • Major life-transitions – e.g. divorce, job loss, bereavement
  • Mood problems – e.g. depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder
  • Other clinical issues – such as, but not limited to, mild substance misuse, disordered eating and personality disorders.

UPWARD also offers mental health interventions for companies and organisations, including psychotherapy services for employees, conflict mediations in the workplace, workshops, and small group counselling for mental health-related issues.

Psychotherapy sessions are conducted using a variety of approaches and interventions. Depending on the issues presented, session tools can include talk therapy, in-session role plays, in- and out-of-session assignments, psychological assessments, and play therapy (for children). Psychotherapy approaches, i.e. the lenses through which the presenting issues are framed and treated, may be cognitive-behavioural, systems-family, psychodynamic, psycho-educational, or developmental. (A cursory google search will provide you with more information on each of these psychotherapy approaches.) For more information on services at UPWARD see the Services Page.

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