Couples & Family Psychotherapy


Couples and families have conflicts that arise out of differences of opinions, beliefs, ways of doing things, or as a result of being at different life stages (e.g. child-parent relationship). While these problems are often typical and manageable, some may require third party intervention to help improve interpersonal communication, mediate discussions, understand the interpersonal dynamics, and improve parenting skills. Couples and family psychotherapy at UPWARD allows for all of the above and creates a compassionate space for clients to rebuild trust, restore broken relationships, and improve the manner in which they relate to one another.

Online Couples & Family Counselling

Currently, UPWARD only offers online couples and family counselling (via Zoom for Healthcare). Based on UPWARD’s five-year experience with online counselling, online sessions are typically just as effective as in-person counselling. To conduct online couples and family counselling sessions successfully,  the clients will need to have access to a device with a microphone, camera, and stable internet connection as well as a space that ensures privacy during sessions. If you and the others within your group have the aforementioned at your disposal and believe that online couples or family counselling can work for you, feel free to contact us via call, text, WhatsApp (preferable) or e-mail to schedule an appointment or get more information.

For more information on service costs, feel free to check out UPWARD’s service catalogue via this link or scan the QR code below.

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