9 Ways to Know If You Still Have Not Healed from Relationship-Based Trauma (With a Focus on Romantic Relationships)

Relationship-based trauma - though there does not seem to be any set, agreed-upon definition - generally refers to stressful events experienced within the context of an intimate relationship that shakes one's sense of security and leads to a host of unpleasant emotions (e.g. anxiety), thoughts, and behaviours.  Relationship-based trauma may be experienced as early as [...]


9 Tips for Adjusting to a “New Normal” During and Post-Covid-19

Covid-19, the "invisible enemy," has affected all of us: man, woman, child; rich, poor, and everyone in between. It has affected our awareness about our health, our global economy, systems and procedures on both a national and international level, and the ways we do business and relate to each other. It has also affected some [...]

9 Indicators that Your Anxiety Is Becoming “Too Much” 

Most of us, if not all of us, experience typical levels of anxiety on a weekly or even daily basis. This sort of anxiety helps us perform better at our jobs, prepare for upcoming events (like tests and presentations), and plan appropriately for the future. This level of anxiety is healthy and necessary for us [...]